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Le Filips rental condo project offers a multitude of benefits to its residents. Among these is a large indoor parking located between the south side and the north side of the two buildings in the project. Up to 135 parking spaces are available to residents. Tenants have easy access through a lever-activated door to the indoor parking lot.

Discover the many benefits of Le Filips indoor parking:

Bike storage and repair shop
Le Filips makes life easy for cyclists.  Cycling enthusiasts will be able to secure their bikes in the bike storage located inside the indoor parking lot. In case of a breakdown, they will be able to use the repair shop and will have plenty space to perform repairs without having to dirty the inside of their rental condos.  

Car wash
Do you take good care of your car? Le Filips offers its tenants a car wash inside the parking lot. All equipment is there to make your job easier. No need to leave the house to wash your car!

 A hassle-free winter
Le Filips indoor parking lot will save you time in the winter. Say goodbye to the shovel and the broom in the morning! You’ll be able to brag to your colleagues that you didn’t have to brush off your car before going to work.

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